Achieve your business goals with our tailored sales methods that build on your strategy.
Choose the Right Service
You have an excellent product but your sales are not where you know they should be - then it’s time to revamp your sales department(lead generation strategies, sales funnels, sales cycles, and post-sale relations).
Market Research
We help you reach the right audience and pass the collected leads to you.
Lead Generation
Outbound Calls
If you have a client database, we will make outbound calls and sell your product or service.
We help you gain a deeper understanding of market trends and factors that contribute to business growth.
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Let’s chat about the business process
outsourcing for success.
How we work
Synergy BPO offers sales as a service. We determine the systems and processes best suited for your business model, then design funnels and sales cycles before we make the calls. We can close the deals or pass the leads to you!
✓ We review your product or service alongside your sales management systems.
✓ We work together with you to identify areas you'd like to improve.
✓ We implement comprehensive sales funnels and cycles, including integrations and automation where needed.
✓ Our Agents create unique sales scripts for your product that bring results.
✓ We only get paid for actual sales and the agreed-upon commissions. If we don't sell, we don't get paid.
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