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Outsourcing to Synergy will save your budget and improve the quality of your customer service.

Call Center services

Choose the service that fits your business need:
24/7 Hotline
Reliable and quick service around the clock - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
Inbound Calls
We have the expertise to provide prompt and efficient responses while managing a high volume of customer calls.
Outbound Calls
We maximize customer satisfaction and elevate your business by using collected data from surveys, market research, and sales generation.
Customer Service
Customer service is crucial to your business, which is why our top priority is to ensure each interaction is a seamless experience for your customers.
Lead Generation
Save time and money while increasing quality leads by outsourcing lead generation to our dedicated team members.
Virtual Secretary
From the provision of an individual secretary to the delivery of multi-skilled virtual teams, no matter the size of your business, objective, or challenge.

Preparing a project, setting up communication channels, allocating technical numbers for calling, developing communication algorithms, writing a script, training operators to work with your business specifics and a whole range of organizational measures to start a project.

The time of the operator's work in the line is taken into account. Tarification per minute.

Summary report for the week, notification of the call and recording of dialogues is sent to the customer's mail.
Why us

Our 24/7 call center is at your beck and call with a blend of inbound and outbound solutions. We will assist you with improving your customer retention rate, help you to generate new leads, and provide the customer care you deserve.

Implementation - free
Operator - $1/minute
Call reports - free
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Get a sneak peek into our remote dispatching hub, where our skilled experts manage operations around the clock.

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